Giclee or large format printing allows you to enjoy the next best thing to having the original for a fraction of the price. Printed on canvas, each run consists of micro-editions of 12 signed and numbered by the artist.

By using high definition large scale droplet printers, each print is created with the same color vibrancy and durability that you see in the original. The latex-based inks resists cracking and fading so your print will last years to come.

With prints coming on a pre stretched canvas and custom frame ensures that you are purchasing a finished product rather than having to seek additional work. 

Philip has been working independently as an artist since 2017 and understands the value of supporting small business and other artisans. With that said, we hand pick and work with local craftsmen to produce the custom frame that comes with each print. Every wood frame is hand made, and the color chosen by the artist to best accent the piece, coming in either black, white or dark brown wood. 

You can also find various sizing options coupled with photos of each print in a staged room, photographed for visualizing dimension and color schemes.