Finding Philip

Born April 4th, 1979 in New Smyrna Beach, Philip is a 5th generation Floridian. Growing up in a classic Florida seaside town and having deep roots in the industrial shrimping industry, it wasn’t hard for Philip to fall in love with all things nautical. He now resides with his wife, Elizabeth who is also an artist, in Atlantic Beach, Florida and draws inspiration for his art from his upbringing and close coastal ties.

Moving from Florida and trading the sea for snow, Philip relocated to Aspen, CO at age 19. He found his artistic outlet creating art for his friends. Working for ski resorts in the Roaring Fork Valley, Philip lived in employee housing and would use his paintings to decorate his and his friends’ living spaces. Working on his small salary from age 19-25 years old, Philip would use anything he could find as his canvas as the small town life didn’t always provide the supplies he needed.

Philip is a motivated and determined artist who never lets his passion take the back seat. He’s worked full time jobs while finding time to prioritize his art. Using other famous artists he idolized, Philip took their success as his motivation to one day become a full-time and self employed artist. 

During his time in Colorado he took advantage of the public's access to great art. He quickly learned from gallery owners and spent time studying world famous artists on the sly while delivering furniture for a famous Calvin Klein Model Becky Dodge (Dumeresque) and has shown with Museumworks Galleries in Aspen and New York City and with Living Out Loud Galleries in Aspen and Atlanta. Philip began his professional independent artistic career in Aspen, CO in 2003. 

More recently, Philip has collaborated with Mobarick Abdullah III  as  #theMP and displayed their work in shows with Mad Gallery NYC, Punk Rock and Paint Brushes LA , III Forks Chicago and Miami Art Week from 2017 to 2019. They also are now painting murals with Art Republic Global and have a 100ft long piece in the VyStar Credit Union parking garage in Downtown Jacksonville Florida. 

Most of Philips current in stock art can be found at the Elizabeth Sarah Collections gallery, a space he and his wife, Elizabeth Walker, share to showcase and sell their art and jewelry. After having a location in Jacksonville Beach for a year, the pair realized they needed more space to house their creations as well as production. As luck would have it, a space opened up near their home in Atlantic Beach and the rest is history!

Philip works with a mixture of different paints to come up with his desired effect. Everything from House paints (latex) to spray paint and acrylics. Social media is extremely important to the Philip Bennett Walker team and is one of the best ways to view his art. Follow us on social media for pop-up dates & gallery showings.

Please contact Art Manager Elizabeth Walker or Artist Philip Walker, for any questions or commission inquiries:


Facebook: Philip Walker (personal) or Philip Bennett Walker (business)


Phone: 386.562.7164