When you commission a special piece of art through Philip Bennett Walker, keep in mind that the artist does incorporate his unique style of subtraction into each piece, and not only is the canvas and frame a factor in price, but also the artists' time and materials. 

Choosing a reference image for your commission is important, as Philip will use it as a guide to recreate his version of it.

You will receive an invoice once an image, size, and color scheme are decided on, and half payment upfront is required. The remainder is due upon completion.

The pricing below does not reflect Philip’s custom consultation fee for or shipping. The consultation fee is calculated by time spent working with you on your proposed commission, scope and complexity of the project, and timeline. With all art commissions Philip also customizes shipping based on customer preference and needs. Depending on the location, the customer is responsible for determining the most appropriate method of shipment and whether to include insurance or various carrier services. 

If the final product is not to your liking, you are not required to pay the remainder of the agreed upon price. However, all sales are final once the product is in your hands. If you wish for Philip to revise and design another piece, a new invoice will be created and a new cycle of payment will begin. 

For Prints that require a custom size and/or frame that are not listed a via, the same invoice, payment, and sales conditions mentioned above also apply. 

If there is a deadline for a custom commission or print, the artist must have 60 days advance notice to meet the requirements and have ample time to create the perfect piece of art for you.

Let's make art happen - please contact artist Philip Bennett Walker or art manager Elizabeth Walker for any questions or commission inquiries:


Originals with custom wood frame:
16” x 20” - $1,140.80
16” x 24” - 1,313.60
18” x 24” - $1,438.40
24” x 24” - $1,812.80
12” x 36" - $1,467.20
20” x 30” - $1,880.00
24” x 36” - $2,561.60
30” x 30” - $2,648
24" x 30" - $2,189.99
30” x 40” - $3,668.00
36” x 36” - $3,956.00
25" x 40" - $3,212.00
40” x 40” - $4,724.00
36” x 48” - $5,050.40
48” x 48” - $6,990.40
60” x 40” - $7,240.00
60” x 48” - $8,430.40
    For Mural and Live Art Pricing click here.